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Primary Education in Circle Bakote
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Man came on Earth with a knowledge of every thing, as narrated by Divinely Holy Books but Darwin Theory tells that human being gradually extracted intelligences and compiled an educational system. Circle Bakote was a part of Gandhara Kingdome since mediums thus educational systems of this region may be derived from Vedas school of thought.

Education in Islamic Period
Islam expedition in Sub Continent before the arrival of Bin Qasim, Muslim Saints in Bolan and Mehran established their schools of thoughts and started educational system. The base of their systems on fifty percent of Quraanic teachings and fifty percent with local Vedas systems. This system was existed till 1960 in Kohsar of Circle Bakote and Murree Hills. (To be continued)

In Gakher Periods
Empror Mehmood Ghaznavi granted lease of terrotory from Kaghan to Jhelum and from west bank of River Jhelum to Silk Highway as guardian of Kingdom, they established more schools, imported religious families from Sub Continent and provided them vast agri land to serve as a Quraanic teacher, They enhanced Islamic teachings more than eight centuries. Gakhers' chiefs issued special orders for safeguard of these families and all facilities. These religious families developed Islamic principals of ethics. (To be continued)

In Sikh Period
Gakhers declined and Sikh arising was a tragedy with Kohsareans' Culture and Civilization. They upset all systems including education and other socio economic orders. They turned masques in to Gurdwaras. These four decade was a period of anarchy and Muslims from Kohsar of Circle Bakote and Museari (Murree Hills) compelled to change their names for survival. Their three generations sanked in to ignorance ocean that produced by Sikhs of Punjab. (To be continued)

In British Period
The fourth decade second half  of nineteenth century was the last weakest and an end of Ranjeet Sing descendants' soverenty. Tribes of Kohsar re snaked forts of Mari, Khanpor, Haripor and all region in west of River Jhelum recaptured. Sikh troops arrested from Dewal and Dannah forts and local chiefs sentenced them capital death during January to Jun 1846. In May 1847 Hazara became part of Punjab and Sir James Abbott appointed as commissioner. People of Circle Bakote and Musearhi released their tension from a long time.

At the time of Independant
There were primary schools in Birote, Bakote, Reala (Malkote) and Boi at the time of independence. Girls primary schools were only in Birote and Bakote.

A chronology of schools before indepandant
British Government have no interest with Muslim or local educational education survival, they want to produce only those robotic minds who devolved further slavery over Indians. An educationist Lard Macaulay constituted a commission that presented recommendations to established educational institutions that only produced revenue and police employees. These institutions called Vernacular Primary Schools.
  • The first vernacular school was set up in Osea and replaced school at Dewal that continuously served as an educational institution since 17th century. This school was under patoronship of Pir Abdul Majid Alvi ancestors where they were teachers, Imam and Khateeb. His grand father Molvi Hasham Alvi embraced martyrdom in fighting with Sikh forces in 1833 but school was not stopped teaching to people. New vernacular school established in a rest house that constricted by Sikh forces on Bridal Road in 1880. First student was Raja Dlair Khan among four other students.
  • First mobile private school established by Syed Masoom Ali Shah of Julyal, Birote. First class started at Central Birote in 1896. Molana Mohamnmed Ismaeel Alvi, first Head Teacher and Syed Fazal Husain Shah second Head teacher of first Vernacular Primary School Birote were students of this mobile school.
  • First vernacular school in Circle Bakote was established in Reala, Malkote in 1895 but lack of interest by local people it might be wrote off, people of Birote met Education Department officials and requested to shift it in Birote. They offered building and stoff for school. This school was shifted in Birote in 1906 in building of …. The first head teacher of School was Molana mian Mohammed Ismail Alvi and first student was Nazar Mohammed Khan of Kolalian, Birote.
  • First School in Bakote established in 1903 and first student was Sardar Hasan Ali Khan of Boi.

After indepandant
Circle Bakote was much backward at the time of independence as a result no officer of said area was not in any government department. Sahibzada Pir Haqiqullah Bakoti led delegates met with Abdul Qayoum Khan, the Chief Minister of NWFP (KPK now) in march 1948 and told him about sufferings of Circle Bakote. He ordered Education Department immediately reported him and establish school immediately in the area. 
  • 1948..... New primary schools established in Basian, Molya, Naker Qutbal, Terhati, Terch, Numbel, Pich Bhan and Derwaza.
  • 1949...... Primary schools established in Julyal and Termuthean, UC Birote now.
  • 1952...... Boys Primary School Birote upgraded as lower middle.
  • 1954...... Girls Primary School Birote upgraded as lower middle.
  • 1961...... Primary schools established in Majohan.
  • 1962...... Primary schools upgraded lower middle in Birote as middle and high in Bakote.
  • 1963...... Primary schools established in Naker Mojwal and Pekho Naker.
  • 1964...... Middle School new building completed and school shifted in March. Renowned Scholar Mohabbat Husain Awan in Birote and Nawaz Abbasi of Hotrol had won scholarship in Bakote.
  • 1971...... Boys Middle School Birote upgraded as high shcool, the first head master of school was Shafiq U Rehaman of Kokal Bersin, Hawailian and first student was Mohammed Perwaiz son of Taj Mohammed of Lamyan Larhan, Birote.
  • 1975..... First Inter college established in Bakote, first student was Mohammed Shuaib Abbasi and last was Mohammed Obaidullah Alvi. College was vanished in 1979 because of Bakotian non interest and lack of students.
Prof. Dr Sabir Kloorvi
Lecturer in Bakote Inter College (!978-79)
Head of Urdu Department, Peshawar University.
(To be continued)
In President General Ayoub Khan government a District Primary Education Committee established in 15th December, 1962 and review primary education system and syllybus. This committee up graded as a separate Education Department for primary education in 1967.

سرکل بکوٹ کےمشترکہ مساھل
آفتاب احمد عباسی گاوں مولیا ضلع وتحصیل ایبٹ آباد۔
سرکل بکوٹ کی تیرہ یونین کونسلوں میں لڑکیوں کے لیےصرف تین ھای سکول ھیں اور لوگ اپنی بچیوں کی تعلیم کے لیے دیگر شہروں میں در بدر ھونے پر مجبورھیں۔ ھزاروں کی تعداد میں لوگ ایڑیاں رگڑ کر بغیرکسی تبعی امداد کے مرتے ہیں مگر افسوس یہ ھے کہ کوی بھی آواز اٹھانے والا نھیں۔سرکل کے سیاسی لیڈر سب کے سب خود تو اسلام آباد یا آیبٹ آباد میں میں رھاش پزیر ھیں اور اپنی ضرورت کے وقت علاقے کا چکر صرف ووٹ لینے کے لیے لگاتے ہیں اور علاقے کو اپنے ٹاوٹوں کے حوالے کیا ھوا ھے جو صرف اپنا پیٹ پالنے کے لیے جی حضوری میں لگے رھتے ہیں جبکہ علاقے کے بنیادی کام بھی کوی نیں کرتا۔ ہم لوگ گزشتہ۳۰سالوں سےمسلم لیگ نوازکے ورکراور پاکستان بننے سے پہلے کے مسلم لیگی ھیں ۔اس میں شک نیں کہ سردارمہتاب احمد خان نے پتھر کے زمانے سےعلاقےکو نکالا ھے مگر اس کے باوجود ھمارے مساہل کم نیں ھوے۔زلزلے میں گرنے والے سکول اور ھسپتال ابھی تک مکمل نیں ھو سکے کیوں کہ انکےفنڈز گزشتہ حکومت کے دور میں سیلاب زدہ علاقوں کو شفٹ کردیےگے اور تعمیراتی کام اسی طرح ادھورے پڑے ھوےھیں۔ گزشتہ چھیاسٹھ سالوں میں صرف تیں سال اس علاقے کےنماہندے سردار مھتاب احمد خان کو موقع ملا جس نے اس تھوڑے وقت میں علاقے کے بہت سے بنیادی کام کیے مگر اس تھوڑی مدت میں اس پسماندہ علاقے کی پسماندگی دور نہ ھو سکی۔ میرا مقصد کسی سیاسی جماعت کی حمایت یا مخالفت ھرگزنیں میرامقصد صرف یہ ھےکہ آوسب مل کر علاقہ کی پسماندگی دور کرنے کے لیےکوشش کریں۔
ھمارے مشترکہ مساہل: ۱۱ ھمارے زیر تعمیر سکول اور ھسپتال بلا تاخیر مکمل کیےجایں کیوںکہ ھماری بچیان کھلے آسمان کے نیچےسبق پڑھنے پر مجبور یا لڑکوں کے سکولوں میں جوان جوان لڑکیاں سبق پڑنے پر مجبور ہیں 2 سوار گلی سے لیکر پٹن تک کم از کم تین ھسپتال پچاس پچاس بستروں پر مشتمل مناسب فیصلے پر دیےجایں 3 ھر یونین کونسل میں لڑکیوں کا ھای سکول دیا جاے۔ 4 کوہ مری سے آگے گیس سپلای کی جاے 5 جن علاقوں میں سڑکیں ابھی تک نیں بنیں ان کو سڑکیں اور بجلی فرھم کی جاے۔ 6 خراب سڑکوں کی مرمت کی جاےاور نامکمل سڑکوں کو مکمل کیا جاے7علاقے میں کم ازکم دو ٹکنیکل کالج دیے جایں 8 سرکل بکوٹ کو تحصیل کا درجہ دیا جاے10جن علاقوں میں پانی نیں ھے ان کے لیے پینے کے پانی کا بندو بست کیا جاے۔ ھمارا علاقعہ خوبصورت علاقہ ھے اس میں ٹورازم کو فروغ دیا جاے۔ ۱۲ مولیا کے گاوں اور اس سے آگے بھی مناسب فیصلے پرنیشنل بنک کی شاخیں کھولی جایں ۔سارے دوستوں سےگزارش ھے کہ بغیرکسی سیاسی وابسگی کےان بنیادی ضرورتوں کے لیے کوشش کریں سیاست وہ لوگ کریں جن کی بنیادی ضروریات پوری ہوں ہم تو اب بھی پتھر کے زمانے کے باسی ہیں۔ھماری بقا اسی میں ھے کہ ھم سب اپنے دوست اور دشمن کو پہچانیں ورنہ ھماری آنےوالی نسلیں ھمیں معاف نیں کریں گی۔
(To be continued)